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Get rid of the discomfort and embarrassment!

Do you sleep for considerable hours of sleep and yet, the next day, feel tired? Has your production during the day decreased because you simply can't focus and feel headache? These symptoms can occur when you don't have a good night's sleep. Is snoring your villain?

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Improve the quality of sleep without suffering

Do you or your partner suffer from snoring problems every night? Our Anti-Snore Device acts directly on the root of the problem, gently helping your mouth to stay closed during sleep and through the ionic vibration of your device, it intervenes in the larynx, preventing snoring.

The Anti-Snore Device is different...

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High precision sensor

With high precision sensors, the Device detects snoring and massages the larynx region so that the person stops snoring.

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6 speeds

You can adjust the speed of the Device to what is most ideal for your needs.

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You can take it and use it anywhere and at any time. To charge it, simply a USB connection is required.

Satisfied customers all over the world

I bought it to use on the plane, because I'm embarrassed of my snoring on trips. It worked well and I was satisfied!

Eden J.


I've thought about separating because of my husband's snoring! I bought it and it helped a lot. It didn't cure, of course, but now I can sleep.

Lourdes R.


I've been using it for two weeks and I've stopped waking up my baby with my snoring. So I believe it's working.

Ravenna M.


Frequent Questions

50mm x 20mm x 12mm

ABS plastic and stainless steel.

Yes, USB rechargeable device


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Worldwide shipping

We ship worldwide with insurance and online tracking code.

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30 days guarantee

30 days money back guarantee.

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Safe payment

Completely safe payment, by bank slip or credit card. Certified Process. 

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